Prayer Crosses Backed on Corkboard
Prayer Crosses in Store Bought Frames


Instead of sending flowers that wilt, send a Prayer Cross for fond memories & peace for years to come.
Do you have a loved one that is celebrating a union? Do you know someone who is going through times of ill health or sorrow? Would you like to extend your loving thoughts and compassion?

Here is a way that one can cherish fond memories or find peace for years to come? Instead of sending flowers or plants that will not last, consider a different more symbolic gesture as an alternative. Our crosses come in three styles including an orthodox, Celtic or prayer style and are suitable as a plaque for your desk or may be hung as wall art in your home or business. Imagine the thoughts your cherished gift will bring to your special person even after many years!

In its most primitive form, the cross or crucifix is the crossing of two lines, which is dated long before the birth of Jesus Christ. This symbol was used both ornamentally and then later as a representation of religious significance dating back to the 2nd century. The Christian cross, according to the bible, is a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is the best known religious symbol of Christianity.

Glenn and Linda Mace of LTM DESIGNS make framed; hand tooled aluminum crosses that are both artistic and symbolic. Each unique cross is handcrafted with love and respect for the individual person, association or conviction it represents. Not only are they suitable as artwork in your home, but they also are a great gift for someone else. Consider sending a cross to a friend, fellow believer, relative or special person, along with your personalized prayer/message to someone who is in need of comfort.

Crosses make a great gift in place of flowers for all occasions including sympathy, sickness, celebration of marriage, baptism, christening, graduation, religious holidays or just to say "God loves you!"

LTM DESIGNS will ship directly to you or another address, making a gifting purchase much more meaningful than sending flowers!

There are several cross options to choose from. Please choose from the following:

  • Cross Style: Orthodox, Celtic or Prayer
  • Cross Frames: Whitewash, Patina or Natural
  • Messaging: Personalized Message Available